Monday, June 29, 2015

Extra Money

Hello to all my viewers! Its Money Monday and guess what that means? I'm going to share a few tips to with you on how to make extra money.

1. If you have never heard of TSU? if not its a social network just like facebook but you earn money when you post your content. Do Not hesitate to try out this site especially if your a creative person. I'm inviting all to joy and get started.

2. Educational ebooks!!! giving people information on health,fitness and financial information that will help them out. You can publish your ebook on amazon and kindle.

3.Create a useful app that will provide information or either entertain your customers.

4. You can always start your own business. Everyone have a million dollar idea, take sometime and execute your business plans and goals.

5.Mturk a service from Amazon where you can complete simple tasks in exchange for a small payment such as surveys or write a product review. Easy and simple task to complete  and don't take up to much time.
If not you can always pick up that extra shift....Let that be the last option.

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